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It's the end of the year.  The big company that you work for is at the point in the year where they lay people off to save money.  You're told that your position is eliminated, but through no fault of your own.  The company then makes you aware of other opportunities within the company, but in another market.  You have some hope, thinking that you may actually have beat the odds and are going to return to work immediately, but nothing ever happens moving forward.


Along the way, you meet with other broadcast group operators who seem interested and are very complimentary to you and your broadcast pedigree, but the actions they take are contradicting to the things that they say to you on the phone.  By this point, you are really frustrated and not willing to get too close to anyone, because you realize that people don't always say what they mean.


We have all been down this road along our career.  We have all worked for that larger company that refused to acknowledge your skillset for one reason or another.  These companies use you for your knowledge, whether it be assiting with putting together a companywide country format, suggesting a companywide contest (which was stolen after suggesting it to an executive at the company.)  For some, they deserve everything they get from the employer, due to their performance.  Others, I have determined that THE RULES ARE DIFFERENT.  Yes, I went there.


While ONE of the large companies does an exceptional job with promoting from within (iHeartMedia,)

another won't promote, and for reasons that may sicken you. In fact, when an opening occurs at a company, it is supposed to be posted and people are supposed to be interviewed for EEO purposes.  Then, there is that ONE company that doesn't follow EEO procedures and hires people from outside without advertising the positions.  That is a big NO NO as well, and those companies that participate in such behavior will have to eventually justify their decisions, especially when someone brings it to the attention of the FCC or the DOJ.


How does this story spin positive?  Everyone has had one issue during their career.  Perhaps you are the reason that you experience the things you do, but I would venture to say that is only the case about 35% of the time.  Some may want to review the things that have happened in their career to make sure that there isn't anything keeping them from getting that dream job.  As for those who really work hard and are underpaid and under appreciated, your opportunity to shine will come and it will be AMAZING!  Keep your head held high and always reach as high as you can.  Don't let anyone tell you that you can't be a part of keeping radio alive!



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