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You hear it all the time…how streaming services are killing  over the air radio.  How young people supposedly don’t listen (despite the fact that CHR stations and others targeting young millennials still seem to be doing fine in the ratings).

Well, now comes Nielsen Audio…and a new study last week with the following headline:

“As the audio landscape evolves, broadcast radio remains the king”.

This bad news for Pandora, You Tube and every guy with an independent internet radio station comes from Nielsen’s second-quarter 2017 Comparable Metrics Report…which says broadcast radio is till the top way to reach consumers across ALL media platforms.

Again…93 percent of Americans tune into AM/FM radio…more than those who watch television OR use smartphones, tablets or computers.  This, even as streaming audio offers the consumer even more ways to listen across many of those same devices, according to Nielsen.

Over the air radio continues to reach more people weekly than any other medium...228.5 million adults age 18 and over.  That compares to:

                                                              216 million watching TV
                                                              204 million for app and web use on a smartphone
                                                              127 million watching video on a smartphone

In addition, broadcast radio’s weekly 228.5 million also outpaces all other audio sources:

                                                              67.6 million listening to streaming audio
                                                              35.9 million listening to satellite radio
                                                              20.7 million listening to podcasts.

Americans use over the air radio an average of five days a week, compared with three days a week for streaming on smartphones and tablets…and two days a week listening to streaming on a PC or laptop.

Nielsen goes onto say that by understanding  the reach and frequency of each form of audio, the time spent summed can be calculated.  So, how does that stack up? 

When comparing gross minutes, the total time spend summed for all users age 18 and older…radio outpaces streaming audio 14 to 1 in an average week.

Read that again…14 to 1.

Add the total minutes for AM/FM Radio and Streaming audio and you get more than 202 billion minutes per week…with 93 percent of the listening  going to over the air broadcast…and 7 percent to the streamers.

Hey advertisers…want to know why you get sometimes dubious results from those You Tube ads?

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