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***This message does not directly reflect the opinion of anyone but me.***

RADIO........the second love of my life, next to my first love, my wife, Melodie Rose Mills. Radio, we have had some good times, and we have had some not so good times. I would like to see you succeed, radio, not diminish into the darkness, like analyst are predicting. How do we keep you alive?

There are some great radio companies that do radio 100% to the best of their ability. There are radio companies that do a good job, but make a valid effort to do good radio and to improve the products that they represent. There are radio companies that simply do good radio, with no immediate plan to make any changes or improvements above and beyond their current investment level in their properties. Then, there are radio companies that are trying to do better, but can't, because they lack the much needed resources that will allow them to succeed. There are the radio companies that are NOT doing good radio, either because they have forgotten that their primary responsibility is to serve the community in which they are licensed, they are not interested in investing in their radio products to increase their market share, they are stuck in ways of executing tasks for their stations that are obsolete, and lastly, the radio companies that TRULY believe they are doing it right, performing a service for the community, but are really doing a terrible job serving their brand consumers.

How do we fix the issues that currently exist in the radio broadcast world? I have an idea. Let's ask HER, Radio herself. Radio, how can we fix you?

(Radio:) You can:

Serve the communities where I have stations, as that is what the primary responsibility of a commercial broadcast radio station is;

Promote me. If you promote me correctly and give me the tools to keep the brand consumers compelled, I can win. This doesn't stop with my stick, digital and social, my promotional elements, OH, and it would help if you gave me good talent to work with, or at least talent that can be trained. I like your friends, but I would rather have talent that can get me the exposure I need as your radio station, rather than "friends" that can do a moderate job, fill a position and save you money. Also, I like to be as local as possible, because when things happen in our community, we need to be able to deliver the message. If we are having a tornado and you leave me alone, I can't give the proper information to our community. Please don't play music while we should be telling our brand consumers to take shelter. We might be able to save a life we would not otherwise be able to save if you leave me here alone. Don't be afraid to spend money on me to allow me to shine;

Make sure that I am technically correct. I work best if I am at full power, you keep my transmitter clean and free of debris and excess heat, OH, and my lighting is important. I wouldn't want any planes to hit the top of my head!;

Blog about me daily and tell our brand consumers what's coming up, via any channel you have available. If you set my appointments, I promise, they will come by and visit, as long as you set my appointments and are punctual.;

Develop me a digital and social plan. Define set times where you post about me on the website and on the other social media channels. I don't have a physical mouth, but a closed mouth doesn't get fed. IF you don't talk for me, people that know I am here will forget me and people that have never heard me will never stop by.;

Stay current with the times on my behalf. I have been here for a LONG TIME in most situations. If the way you are delivering audio through my network is ancient, update it. We want my sound to be fantastic. Make sure everything about my presence is BAR NONE! That is how we win, fairly.

Let's address any conflicts of split personality now. I want to win for you, along with my transmitter brothers and sisters, but let's decide exactly what we are trying to accomplish. Should you use me to strictly as a way to sell goods? Should I be more entertaining with less commercial traffic?

LISTEN TO ME and encourage others to listen to me. We can't teach people how to listen to radio if we are not trying with everything we have in our being. Even when you are working hard, WORK HARDER.

Lastly, I may be wounded, but I AM NOT DEAD, so please quit murdering me BEFORE MY TIME. There is a time and there is a place. Neither one of those are now for me.

I plan to be here to show millennials that I am a viable solution in their cars, on their cellphones with FM chips, and on the internet, where I transmit my rebroadcast in several situations. I am TOUGH and STUBBORN. The only way I will die is if YOU CONTINUE TO KILL ME!

Thank you for what you do every day to help me get out a really cool message to people that depend on me daily for traffic, news, entertainment, and other great content. I promise, if you let me continue to do my job, with the right resources, I can still win for us! I look forward to doing just that!


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