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50 % of the job is on air, and 50% of the job is off. How many times a day do you check your phone for any of the social media apps?


Me I’m up to well over 200! At least it seems like it.  Even when I’m on the air, I’m pretty much checking any social media, to interact with listeners, prep what’s coming up or just my random habit.  So even if you weren't in radio my guess is you’d be checking your phone for something.


Back to the title, 50% of the job is on the air and 50% is off.  Listeners aren’t calling the station like they used to, it's just a fact and product of technology.  They text, tweet, Insta, snap and Facebook.  So you need to fish where the fish are! Half of the job now includes how great you respond and interact with your listeners where they’re at! It’s almost like you need to be great at 2 jobs and in reality you do.  Here’s another level to that as well.  Drive them from social media to the radio either by calling to make your on air product sound better or just to simply listen.  It’s a game, a game that I constantly play every day, when I’m on the air and off.  I’m constantly on social media to push the brand, interact and stay top of mind to the listener. Honestly it’s annoying sometimes but your lifestyle has to mirror your listeners and whether it’s talking about your life on social media or being interested in theirs, you need to master social media, the part of the job that's not on the air.  


Set reminders each day to check, interact and post each hour of the day.  I know it seems a lot, but the more you do it, the more you’ll get better at social media and be in front of your listeners faces, right on their phone! Oh and don’t forget Getting in front of your listeners…. That’s the next article, and that's just more of the hustle!


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