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I remember the first time I was given the title of Program Director in a rated market. 

But then, once the glow of getting that promotion wears off, comes the realization that you not only have a title, but responsibility as well. 

So here’s a few things to think about: 

1.) Treat your staff in the manner you would want to be treated. 
2.) Remember that despite being the manager, things will still not always go your way. Roll with the punches.
3.) Remember, it’s a business and not personal.
4.) Accept that people are human and, occasionally, they make mistakes. 
5.) Honest mistakes should never be punished. 
6.) Keep an open door policy.  Be approachable no matter how much work is on your desk. 
7.) When things go well, credit your staff.  When they don’t, accept responsibility. 
8.) Be honest in ALL business dealings. 
9.) Remember that commercials pay the bills…and your paycheck. 

A few more here: 

1.) When you have to give bad news, understand you’re talking with human beings.
2.) Strive for excellence in all you do, and accept nothing less from your staff. 
3.) Battle hard.  But, take and give time to regroup. 
4.) When it’s time to go, leave with a smile on your face.  And, lastly… 
5.) Remember…it’s only radio.

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