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Here we go again. 
Another story from jamming up my Facebook feed trying to spin the recently announced plans by CBS to sell or spin off the radio division as another reason why AM/FM radio will “no longer be in existence” in ten years. 
And, we’re told by this genius writer that young 18-34 year olds don’t listen to the radio anymore. 
Hey, dude at Salon:  it would be nice before you write an article that you actually do some research on what you’re planning to write instead of only talking to your preppie friends in New York. 
Because here is what Nielsen says about radio and the 18-34 crowd: 
“With 265 million Americans 6 and older listening to the radio each week, the medium reaches more people each week than any other platform.  Despite the proliferation, many advertisers perceive millennials as unreachable by radio because of the abundance of media options available to them. 
The reality, however is that millennials account for 66.5 milllion radio users each week. And, no matter which life stage millennials are in, 9 out of 10 listen to radio weekly.”
Yes, they spend a little less time listening than previously due to all their new media choices.  But 90% still listen to the radio. 
I found this information in a 5 minute search of the Nielsen website. 
You can find it, too Salon. 
But of course, you have an agenda to satisfy.  
Hey, Salon…you’re not journalists, because you’re not objective. 
Try getting some real journalists as writers, OK? 

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