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Balancing work life with home life may seem to be complicated.  That said, here are some tips that you can use to do just that:


1.  Do as much work as possible AT WORK.  The last thing you want is a spouse that is unhappy, because you spend more time with work activities that you do with your spouse and children.


2.  Try going to work a bit earlier.  If you can get to work when there is LESS of an opportunity for distraction, you can get all of the big things knocked out, so that your day is caught up prior to leaving the office.


3.  Share the times that you are available and unavailable.  Obviously, if you read stories to your children at a certain time each day or you have a set time for dinner, these are the times that you want to make sure your co-workers are aware of, minimizing the chance that you'll get calls during that time, unless it is an emergency that needs your immediate attention.


4.  COMPROMISE.  Plain and simple.  We already know that there are going to be times that you need to go to work for something or have an emergency.  Unfortunately, these things tend to happen during times that you have requested off, or are in the middle of a family activity.  In this instance, you may have to address the issue, but ALWAYS compromise with the people you had plans with, so that you can fix the issue and get back to what it was you were doing.


These are just a few tips that could help you with some balance.  IF you have other tips, please share them on the FaceBook page.

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