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The ratings period is starting for most diary markets.  The question that runs through lots of our minds as we approach a ratings period is, "What should I do to prepare?"  Does this sound familiar?  


Prior to a ratings period, you should have reviewed the materials from the prior ratings period, which will give you a great snapshot of what you did really well and what you could improve on.


Ensuring that your talent are utilizing the vertical and horizontal recycling techniques that have been taught throughout the years is key.  Also, setting appointments and keeping the appointments that you set are really important as well.  If a listener expects that you'll give away a prize or spill the beans on something at 3:30PM, you should make sure that you deliver.


"Talent Checklists" are also a great way to prepare.  If you put together a checklist that gives your talent a list of milestones that you would like for them to achieve, both during a show and during the book, there should be no confusion as to the direction you are taking your station from a talent point.


Imaging plays a HUGE piece of the picture.  Your image is one of the most important elements of the radio station, both to the ear and in sight of your brand consumers.  Make sure the imaging on the station is super tight.  Also, make sure that the image that you portray of your station is strong as well.


Above is just a small handful of things to pay attention to as you journey towards the start of your next ratings period.  Please feel free to share other things that you would take a look at prior to the start of your book.

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