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Happiness.........that should ALWAYS be the goal.  Once you find happiness, there are no more woes........well, way less woes.


Quite a few of us have what some would consider a lifetime in this business we call radio.  Out of those with a good amount of time in the industry, about 60% of us have at least one situation where happiness was a -10 on a scale of 1 - 10 when it comes to employment.  Consider the writer of this article within the 60%.  Like most, there are jobs and aspects of the job that you like, however, there are aspects of the job and even certain jobs that you didn't really care for, but did those positions, because those positions could only improve your knowledge in the area of the radio broadcast world that you are working within.  Some are on air that get stuck into traffic.  Others are sales people that get stuck into promotions situations.  How about the people that excels as radio operations managers, but choose to take another position within the company that they work for to improve another product, only to find themselves stuck and unable to advance any further?  What do you do in a situation like this?  The answer is below......


FIND HAPPINESS!  That could mean looking for another position within the current company that you are working for, in the hopes that you will seriously be considered.  This could also mean that you have to change the current working relationship that you have and that you might have to make an adjustment, namely, to the commute that you take daily to in the opposite direction........bluntly put, FIND ANOTHER JOB THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!


Happiness is the most important thing to consider.  There are people that make very little money in this business, but are content with their current situation, because they enjoy their job and there is not a lot of hassle as they perform their daily duties.  Most people would rather make 5-10K less per year to be able to do their job with no hassle, rather than make big bucks and have to deal with the heavy political climate that comes along with that.  The choice is clear.





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