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Radio Isn't Dead
So why is it that it seems half the world wants to believe that radio is dying? 
I see, hear and read stories of how radio still makes that personal connection to their local communities.
Like the wonderful job Orlando radio stations did covering the Pulse Nightclub shootings…calling in staff on a Sunday to go live and cover the news, take calls and let the listeners vent and grieve. 
Like communities all across America when a tornado hits, when a blizzard strikes, when homegrown terror attacks. 
When these things happen, it is radio that helps bind the wounds and helps the community pick itself up by its bootstraps.  Over and over again.  In city after city. 
And we do it despite the voice tracking, despite the small staffs, despite all the smoke and mirrors. 
But I also contend we are the one business that does the lousiest job of tooting our own horn when we should be doing it. 
Orlando radio…I hope you are inundating the market with promos about how you helped bring the city together.   I hope you have sales materials out on the street.  I hope a few of you might consider buying a newspaper ad to talk about the good you did. Put that ad, then, on Facebook…or on any social media platform that will let you buy a space.  
Let younger people see that radio DOES make a difference in people’s lives. 
Because then, some of them might just want to come to work for us. 

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