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I just got back to work this week after an 8 day vacation.  Though some of this may be grist for a future blog, they’re just some random thoughts passing thru my mind this week. 

The “creep” of morning drive to earlier and earlier times is apparently continuing.  Remember when a morning show started at 6 am?  Not anymore.  Most shows begin at 5 or 5:30 at the absolute latest. 
But if you’ve noticed, the local TV morning news shows are largely beginning at 4:30, or 4:25.  I’ve even heard that those start times could get pushed back to 4 am in the near future. 
Does that mean morning radio will start at 4 am or even earlier?  Probably not, at least in the short term.  But more and more people are rising WAY before dawn now, especially in your more crowded, congested cities.  3:30, 3 am…even 2:30 can be a wake up time for a first shifter now. 
I know.  I have a family member who is in the building at his place of employment before 5:30 for a shift that begins at 6.  He’s up around 3:30 weekday mornings. 
And let’s be honest…there’s only so far you can stretch the shift of the morning players. 
What does this mean?  A good overnight radio host, who understands the nature of people’s earlier rising habits means it may become not only desirable, but necessary to start an almost morning like show around 3 AM…adding weather breaks and talk about the day ahead.  A full-blown morning show may not be necessary, but some elements certainly may.  
Don’t write it off.  You may have heard it here first.
Another thought: technology is a wonderful thing.  I find it amazing we don’t have to do “equalized” phone lines, or use giant push up telescoping Marti towers to do remotes anymore. 
But, there IS an issue with these digital boxes we use.  They don’t always work well or provide a really stable signal in areas where digital bandwidth is in high use. 
I heard a morning show this week where the problem was evident.  The voice of the host on remote was breaking up about every 1 to 3 seconds.  It kinda reminded me of Max Headroom.  (Yes, I’m that old). 
I would assume eventually, this will be get resolved as we go 5G, 6G, 15G…whatever. But, it sounds odd now.  I wonder if the listener is thinking the same thing. 
Sometimes, for now, the old ways may have worked better. 

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