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Ah, remember the old days?  When you’d come in in the morning, sit down at your desk, drink a cup of coffee, do show prep and head for the studio or production.  Work for a couple of hours, then go out for lunch…
But, now you wake up from that daydream…and remember you have to voice track three (or more) shows today, do that 5 hour news shift, schedule music for the third sister station, be on a corporate conference call.  Hope you remembered your lunch because there’s no such thing as “going out to lunch” anymore…if you even have time to eat. 
Welcome to radio today.  I had one of those days in the newsroom today where stories were breaking, both locally and nationally literally on top of one another.  It was so busy, the program director overruled the news director who wanted me to break away from the booth to do a telephone interview, saying I was definitely, “too busy”.  I called it “Newsapalooza”.  
At least it made for a quick news shift. 
So, how do you deal with all this?  Multitasking isn’t so bad.  I return e-mails, check my Facebook pages and respond to listeners all the time.  Sometimes I even do it from home (perhaps not everyone wants to do this all the time, but sometimes you have to). 
Stay on task.  Know what must be accomplished that day and stick to your list.  Be prepared to reorganize the list at a moment’s notice.  Prioritize, prioritize.  If you can combine two tasks in the same place, do them while you’re there.  Don’t waste time having to come back to the same place later. 
If you stick to it, you’ll find that list of “must do’s” has been accomplished by the end of the day…well, at least most of the time. 
Do it enough and your reward just might someday be…a lunch hour without distractions! 
Don’t I wish…
***CONCLAVE 41 is in Minneapolis at the Cowne MSP, July 13-15.  See you there!***

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