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The 4th of July holiday is here and once again, radio folks will be spreading out to ride or walk in parades, attend festivals and attend (professionally) hundreds of fireworks shows. 
When I worked in Columbus, Ohio, we had “Red White and Boom”…a massive fireworks event downtown that drew hundreds of thousands of people.  It was all day work…from sunrise till after the fireworks ended.  I can remember being as limp as a dishrag when it ended and I made the 8 mile trip to my suburban apartment arriving 2 hours after I left downtown in all the traffic.
But, it doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with an event of this scale, or doing the fireworks at the County Fairgrounds, this is your time to shine. 
Press the flesh.  Shake hands.  Be out there for the audience.  THEY are the people who listen to you and count on you. Sure, you may finding yourself having to deal with an occasional prize pig.  But remember, if they have a diary…or a PPM, they are your livelihood.  Treat ALL with respect.  Smile. Put your best foot forward.  These are the things that local radio does best…and makes the biggest impression on listeners. 
Then, go home, take off the station shirt, put on your floppy hat and sunscreen, open a beverage and enjoy your Holiday weekend! 

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